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Infrared Light Therapy

Balance Point Acupuncture / Infrared Light Therapy

Some studies have shown that red and near-infrared light therapy may boost pregnancy rates, even in women who have been unsuccessful with other assisted reproduction treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Red and near-infrared light therapy improves fertility even in older age women by boosting ATP production in eggs, profoundly improving their viability. It also improves follicular health, which are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress.

The quality of the eggs depends on the energy being produced by the mitochondria in the cells.

Red & near IR light therapy works to enhance mitochondrial energy production in essentially every type of cell in the body. Thus, it is the reason why Celluma red & near IR light therapy is recommended for fertility treatment. Combining it together with Acupuncture you will get maximum benefits and increase the fertility in number of ways by:

– Improving the function of ovaries to produce better quality eggs.

– Regulating the hormones to produce a larger number of follicles

– Increasing blood flow to the uterus and increase the thickness of the uterine lining

– Preventing uterus from contracting

– Lessening the side effects of Western drugs used in IVF

– Strengthening the immune system

– Reducing anxiety and stress

– Reducing chances of miscarriage

Two recent studies, one in Japan and one in Denmark, found that red and near-infrared light therapy improved pregnancy rates where IVF had previously failed, in Denmark, by 68%. In Japan, red and near-infrared light therapy resulted in pregnancy for 22.3% of severely infertile women with 50.1% successful live births.

CONCLUSIONS: The use of 830 nm LLLT in the proximal priority technique at the parameters used in the present study, on its own or as an adjunct to other techniques, resulted in successful induction of pregnancy in just over 21% of severely infertile females, with a substantial number of these achieving live births. No adverse events were noted in any patient. LLLT is a pain-free and side effect free modality which could give hope to the increasing numbers of older females with infertility in Japan and potentially worldwide. Multinational studies are warranted.

Celluma red and near Infrared light therapy delivers the best results when combined with acupuncture, but it can be beneficial used on its own.

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Happy Customers

I went to David for acupuncture assistance in getting pregnant. I had read articles on the positive effects acupuncture can have on fertility and I have friends that have experienced the benefits of acupuncture in the areas of fertility, headaches, arthritis, etc. My husband and I had been actively trying to conceive for approximately a year, though we had not used birth control since the birth of my 1st son, 2 years prior. I had spoken with by MBGYN regarding my concerns over the length of time it seemed to be taking to get pregnant with baby #2. My OBGYN ran blood tests and confirmed all was normal and nothing was “wrong” medically. I was subsequently able to get pregnant but miscarried at 5 weeks. I then headed to a fertility specialist, ho again, ran tests, ultrasounds, etc. and confirmed nothing was “wrong” medically. It was at that point I headed to David’s office, looking for additional answers. I had trust in his practice as I had previously seen another professional in his wellness group for massages. Within five minutes of our fist visits, David had diagnosed me with anemia, anxiety, stress, along with concerns over the medicines I was currently on for chronic rhinitis and the effect they were having on my fertility. He immediately began treatment on “warming” my uterus to direct the blood flow to the proper area, requested I stop taking my prescriptions and handed me two bottles of Chinese herbs: one for fertility and one for rhinitis. My first session with him was at the beginning of my cycle. He requested that I track my basil temperature and keep him updated with the results. After a month of weekly and bi-weekly session, I was pregnant. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting my baby girl. At about 6 months into my pregnancy, I complained of fatigue & dizziness to my OBGYN who once again ran blood test and then finally confirmed my anemia. I’ currently on supplemental iron pills, which confirms David’s early instinct that my anemia was having my ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term. I do not believe I would have conceived without David’s help. It was a very rewarding experience and I took his advice to heart, cognitively practicing my “Zen”. My husband and I are eternally grateful.

Dana P.

Manager, National Office of Risk Management

Acupuncture has been a lifesaver to me! I’m twenty-nine years old and have had three back surgeries with the last one being a spinal fusion. I spent my twenties in bed because the pain was so bad. I came to Balance Point Acupuncture in March of 2007. At that point I was still having constant severe pain, even though I had already had the spinal fusion surgery. The pain was constant and it was ruining my life. I was often stuck in bed for days because the pain was too great to walk. I was not a believer in acupuncture, and would often get verve block injections instead. However, that was just not working for me anymore, so I decided to go to the holistic route and give acupuncture a try. I’m so glad I did because today I no longer have to take pain medication, and I have not had a verve block since I started acupuncture. I have not spent one, single day in bed and have been able to resume my life and do the activities that I enjoy. Today I feel healthy and pain free and I know I would never have gotten there without acupuncture.

Nicole B.

David Schnitzer really helped my aches and pains. It also helped my infertility issues. With the help of Western and Eastern Medicine. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone. https://youtu.be/VXGxOkzql8w

Lynda R.

HR Specialist Human Resources Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office