Welcome to Balance Point Acupuncture

We hope that you find answers to a lot of your questions on our website and invite you to call or schedule an appointment so that we can learn more about you!

Our Method

We Like Our Patients To Feel Like We Are A Partner In Helping Them To:

FEEL BALANCED Acupuncture is an energetic prompt to the body’s intelligence that restores balance.


FEEL NOURISHED We combine different herbs to craft a formula to address your unique symptom pattern


FEEL RELAXED Our bodywork team draws on a variety of modalities to open, balance & align your body.

We Play A Supportive Role To Your Body's Own Self-Healing Abilities

HOLISTIC We take the approach that the body, mind and spirit are not separate and we treat our patients accordingly.

ACCOUNTABILITY We’re always honest and straightforward about what we are, and are not, able to treat and the amount of treatment needed.

CLEAR PLAN We take the complexities of Chinese medicine and make them accessible, by providing a clear plan.

INDIVIDUALITY We understand that each patient has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individual response.

PARTNERSHIP We partner with our patients, and our patient’s other healthcare providers, to provide integrated care.

DEPTH As we work to relieve your symptoms, we also address the root causes of disease and disharmony.